Taraclia District

The Rajon Taraclia ( Bulgarian Тараклийски район / Taraklyjsky raion; Russian Тараклийский район ) is a raion in Moldova. The Rajonshauptstadt is Taraclia.


The Rajon located in the south of the country on the border with Ukraine. It is divided into a northern and a southern part. Through the southern part flows from north to south of the river Jalpuch.

The Rajon Taraclia confined within Moldova to the autonomous region of Gagauzia, including two of the enclaves and the Cahul Raion.


The Rajon Taraclia exists since 2003. Until February 2003, the area belonged in common with today's Rajons Cahul and Cantemir to the now defunct district Cahul ( Judeţul Cahul ).



1959 39.113 inhabitants lived in what is now Rajons. By 1970 the population had risen to 43 953, and remained almost constant at 43 213 to 1979. Thereafter, the number of residents increased to 47 966 in 1989. Until 2004 as in all of Moldova decreased the population of the Rajons that was in that year 43 154.

Ethnic groups

According to the 2004 census put the Bulgarians with 65.6 % the proportionally largest ethnic group, while 1.9% identified themselves nationally as Bulgarians. This means that more than half of all Moldovan Bulgarians live in Rajon Taraclia. Their settlement area is mainly focused on the northern part of Rajons. The national minorities in Rajon form the Moldovans at 13.9 %, the Gagauz 8.3%, Ukrainians 6.1%, Russians 5.0%, and the Romanians with 0.1 %.