Taramundi is a municipality in the autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.


The community is bounded by San Tirso de Abres and Vegadeo in the north of Villanueva de Oscos and Vegadeo in the east, north, west of Lugo and in the south of Santa Eulalia de Oscos.


Finds from the Stone Age, confirm the early settlement of the region. On the plateau of the Sierra de Ouroso and on mountain slopes of Pereira and Navallo still bear witness to burial mounds, cemeteries and several hill forts of the colonization by the Gallaeker. The Romans had two forts named Castro and en Ouria Castro en Taramundi, the discovery of bronze coins confirms the obligation to pay tribute to the Galläker, but also their extensive trade relations.



The predominantly of limestone and shale underground with the Ouroso, ( 1,033 m) as highest point is typical of the region.


The municipality is crossed by the river Eo.


As in many parts of Asturias there by proximity to the Gulf Stream here an almost Mediterranean climate with warm dry summers but cold winters ago, in the fall it comes sometimes to relatively strong storms.


As in many parts of Asturias, agriculture is the largest source of income here. Special features here are the well known throughout Spain liqueurs, jam and queso (cheese) de Taramundi, which is produced in numerous variants. Trade and production takes place only in medium-sized companies. These are the few knife makers that are still in operation and in -honored craftsmanship produce world-renowned knife.




  • Parish church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen
  • Parish Church of San Martín in 1766
  • Mill Museum

Festivals and Celebrations

  • In Bres - San Pedro, on 29 June
  • In Ouria - El Carmen, on 16 July
  • In Taramundi Las Candelas, on February 2
  • San Jose, on March 19
  • Nuestra Señora del Rosario, the first weekend in June
  • San Martín, on 11 November


The municipality is divided into 4 parroquias.

  • Bres
  • Ouria
  • Taramundi
  • Veiga


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