Tarcoola, South Australia

Tarcoola is an approximately 740 km Northwest of Adelaide settlement in South Australia. Tarcoola was founded on February 21, 1901 and named after the nearby Tarcoola Gold Mine, which in turn get their name from a racehorse that won the 1893 Melbourne Cup horse race. In the village today only 38 inhabitants ( 2006).

Tarcoola is mainly known as a branching point of the two longest Australian Railroads, the Transaustralische railway from Perth to Port Augusta ( and on to Sydney ) and the Central Australian Railway from Darwin to Tarcoola (and further to Adelaide ). The railway station is a railway triangle that allows each train to continue in each of the other two possible directions without having to change the direction of travel. A second track triangle in the station makes it possible to turn vehicles.



  • Place in South Australia