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TAROM (short for Transporturile Aeriene novels ) is the national airline of Romania is based in Bucharest, and based on the Bucharest Otopeni Airport and a member of the airline alliance SkyTeam frequent flyer program Flying Blue.


Predecessor of TAROM is founded in 1920 CFRNA ( Compagnie Franco- roumaine de navigation aérienne ). For use machines came from the French manufacturer Potez for passenger and mail line connection from Bucharest to Paris, with several stops in major European cities. In 1926 the name was changed in 1930 in CIDNA and LARES ( Liniile Aeriene novels Exploatate de Stat). In 1937, the merger with the competitors sarta ( Societatea romana de Transporturi Aeriene ).

After the Second World War, on 8 August 1945 was followed by the foundation as the Romanian- Soviet airline TARS ( Transporturi Aeriene Romano - Sovietice ). Both countries held 50 % shares in the company. The Soviet share was taken over by the Romanian Government on 18 September 1954 and the Company received its present name TAROM.

By 1960, the route network consisted mainly of national and European connections. In 1966, the first trans - Atlantic flight in 1974 and the first scheduled flight to New York ( John F. Kennedy International Airport). The routes were carried out with machines of Soviet design, as well as Boeing 707. In the 1990s, the machines were replaced by Airbus A310. Between 2001 and 2003, all long-haul routes have been discontinued.

Since June 2010, TAROM is a full member of the airline alliance SkyTeam. Shortly before the previous frequent flyer program Miles Smart had already been replaced by Flying Blue Air France -KLM.


TAROM operates in addition to several destinations within Romania destinations in Europe and the Middle East. Be Flew example, Timişoara, Barcelona, ​​London and Tel Aviv. Targets in German-speaking countries are in Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Salzburg (only seasonal) and Vienna. Overall, the company now serves 54 destinations in 24 countries. Long distance, such as recently in the U.S., are currently not available.

Codeshare agreement

TAROM has codeshare agreements with the companies in the alliance and also with Air Moldova, Air Serbia, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Bulgaria Air, Cyprus Airways, LOT Polish Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Syrian Arab Airlines


As of August 2013, the fleet of 23 aircraft, TAROM out there with an average age of 12.6 years:

Before the break of the Eastern Bloc TAROM was flying mostly Soviet aircraft manufacturer Antonov, Tupolev and Ilyushin PSC. In addition, however, the types Rombac 1-11, a Romanian license built by the British BAC 1-11 and Boeing 707 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10 were in use.


TAROM recorded since 1960, a total of 23 incidents involving aircraft losses, with 14 of them also at death lives were lost, and two hijackings. All five incidents since the end of the Soviet Union are listed here as examples: