Tarzana, Los Angeles

Tarzana is a district of Los Angeles in the U.S. state of California. The wealthy district with 37 778 inhabitants, has a high white population ( 70.7 %) and above average for the city of Los Angeles annual income of 73 195 U.S. dollars ( data from 2008).


Tarzana is one of the oldest communities in the San Fernando Valley. The Spanish soldier Gaspar de Portolà 1769 was the first white man who visited the Valley and the church today Tarzana was the second place of the Valley, which he crossed during his visit. In the same century Franciscan friars founded the Mission San Fernando and the present territory of Tarzana was a part of its land area.

In the 1870s, the southern half of the Valley to the Los Angeles was sold Farm Homestead Association and in the 1880s the area was transformed into a giant wheat field. In 1909 the land was sold to the Los Angeles Suburban Homes Company, paving the way for today's church was leveled.

1919 acquired the Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs, the local Otis Ranch, had built his new property on their premises and gave the estate the name Tarzana Ranch. Three years later, Charles L. Daniels bought a 320 acre large area of ​​land that bordered on the Tarzana Ranch. On this site Daniels founded a new town called Runnymede, with the aim to attract farmers who were to settle here. Just a year later, also Burrough a part of his land for this purpose are available and within a few years was in the area of an agricultural settlement.

In 1927, the residents requested their own post office and because there was already a town called Runnymede in California, had to find a new name. It was agreed on the name Tarzana and with effect from December 12, 1930 received the community their own post office. At that time the church had about 300 inhabitants.

In the 1930s and early 1940s the community grew slowly, but after the Second World War, a veritable boom and Tarzana grew to become the small town.


Born in Tarzana

Died in Tarzana

  • Frank Aletter († 2009), actor
  • Bill S. Ballinger († 1980), writer
  • Frances Bay ( † 2011), Canadian actress
  • Jon Cedar ( † 2011), actor
  • Charles Correll († 2004), director
  • Pete Eberling († 2007), speed skaters
  • Sandy Feldstein († 2007), Composer
  • Ray Heinsdorf († 1980), Composer
  • John Hodiak († 1955), actor
  • Morgan Jones ( † 2012), actor
  • Arnold Laven († 2009), director
  • Joe Mantell († 2010), actor
  • Julie Parrish († 2003), actress
  • Ray Rennahan († 1980), Cinematographer
  • Lou Scheimer († 2013), a film producer
  • Jack Shea († 2013), director
  • Ustad Zaland († 2009), Afghan Musicians

Other residents

The American actress Juliette Lewis grew up on a ranch in Tarzana and the science fiction writer Larry Niven lived for a time in Tarzana.