Tata Interactive Systems

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) is an e -learning company headquartered in Mumbai (India) and is part of the Tata Group, India's largest and best known international consortium of companies.


TIS was founded in 1990 by Sanjaya Sharma in India. 2006 Tata Interactive Systems reinforced its presence in Europe with the acquisition of Tertia Edusoft GmbH, with location of Tübingen and the AG with train location.


Tata Interactive Systems offers solutions in the areas of

  • Customized Content ( company-specific e -learning solutions )
  • Compliance ( money laundering prevention, information security, privacy, etc. )
  • Application Training
  • Software Solutions (test, 360 ° feedback and Learning Management Systems )
  • Business games / Business Simulations ( TOPSIM )


Headquartered in Mumbai TIS maintains an office in Kolkata.

TIS has offices in the following countries: United States (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New Jersey, New York, San Jose, Washington, DC ), Canada ( Toronto ), United Kingdom ( London), Germany (Tübingen), Switzerland ( train ), Abu Dhabi, Japan ( Tokyo ) and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney ).