Taveuni is 442 square kilometers is the third largest island in the Fiji Islands, which is run from time to time by cruise ships.


The island is 42 km long and 15 km wide and is located exactly on the 180th degree of longitude. Only 15 km away, beyond the Somosomo Street, is the second largest island of Fiji, Vanua Levu. Taveuni is also known under the name of the Garden Island because 60 % is covered with tropical rainforest. The backbone of the island forms a 16 km long volcanic ridge, a shield volcano that has erupted around 1550 for the last time. At the highest point, the Uluiqalau with 1241 m, rainfall of up to 10,000 mm per year arise. This Taveuni is one of the wettest regions of the world. The most beautiful waterfalls in Fiji, the Bouna Falls, located on Taveuni.

On Taveuni population of about 12,000 people, mostly on the west coast. Cities of significant size, there is none.


Was discovered Taveuni on February 5, 1643 by Abel Tasman.


1991 wrote Taveuni the last time history, as the film Return to the Blue Lagoon was filmed here. Mention is made of the island Jostein Gaarder's novel in Maya or the miracle of life, who plays Taveuni largely in real places. Furthermore, the island is - in the reasonable presumption of the narrator - the main venue of Umberto Eco's novel The Island of the previous day.


  • Date landmark
  • Rainbow Reef
  • Waitavala water slide
  • Lavena Coastal Walk
  • Vuna Blow Holes