Tax horsepower

Cheval fiscal (French, literally translated as " fiscal horse", abbreviation CV or cv, pl. Chevaux fiscaux ) is in France and Belgium, in Spain ( caballo fiscal or fiscal potencia ) and in Italy ( cavalli fiscali (CF ) or potenza fiscale ) a measure establishing the motor vehicle tax. The calculation is carried out in France currently looking for a formula that takes into account the engine performance and CO2 emissions. It is comparable to the obsolete in Germany label control -PS.

The CV is often associated with the French cheval- vapeur unit ( literally " steam horse", abbreviation ch, pl. Chevaux vapeur - ) confused, which is very similar to the German horsepower. Also colloquially both are identical abbreviated as chevaux.

Previously ran the CV number in the naming of car models one, so for example the Citroën 2CV, 7CV, 11CV, 15CV ( Traction Avant) or the Renault 4CV.

In Belgium, the CV will not be calculated according to a formula, but are defined in a table and only consider the displacement.

Changes in the CV in France


1957 entered the calculation of the tax bracket according to the following formula into force:

  • K is a numerical coefficient
  • N is the number of cylinders
  • D is the piston diameter in centimeters
  • L of the piston and finally
  • Au the speed per second

Easier to calculate based on the rule of thumb " Displacement multiplied by 5.7294 " (or 4.0106 for diesel engines).


From 1977 to was a new formula:

  • M is dependent on the motor type 1 for gasoline engines and 0.7 for diesel vehicles
  • V denotes the displacement
  • K is an arithmetic average of the four rate coefficients


Since 1998, the calculation only the carbon dioxide emissions in grams per kilometer and the engine power in kilowatts are based on:


For two-wheelers there is a separate CV- table in which the values ​​are determined solely as a function of displacement.

CV in Belgium

In Belgium, the CV are determined solely on the basis of the displacement:

  • 0-750 cc: 4
  • 751-950 cc: 5
  • 951-1150 cc: 6
  • 1151-1350 cc: 7
  • 1351-1550 cc: 8
  • 1551-1750 cc: 9
  • 1751-1950 cc: 10
  • 1951-2150 cc: 11
  • 2151-2350 cc: 12
  • 2351-2550 cc: 13
  • 2551-2750 cc: 14
  • 2751-3050 cc: 15
  • 3051-3250 cc: 16
  • ...
  • 8851-9050 cc: 40

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