Taxi Driver (1954 film)

  • Dev Anand: Mangal / Hero
  • Kalpana Kartik: Mala
  • Sheila Ramani: Sylvie
  • Johnny Walker: Mastana
  • Ratan Gaurang:
  • Rashid Khan:
  • M. A. Latif:
  • Bhagwan Sinha:
  • Krishna Dhawan:
  • Parveen Paul:
  • Hamid Sayani Hamid
  • Vernon Corke: Tony

Taxi Driver is a Hindi film directed by Chetan Anand in the year 1954.


The taxi driver Mangal, called by his friends "Hero", is a regular guest of a night club, in which the prospective immelte of him Anglo - Indian Sylvie works as a cabaret dancer. One night he rescues the ambitious young singer Mala against harassment by two street thugs. She was on her way to film music composer Ratalal, which should help her career at the start. Since they do not find Ratanlal, Mangal takes her to live with him. In the course of time, Mangal and Mala get closer, but when visitors come to Mala must disguise herself as a man. Mangal teaches her street jargon and other habits of the proletariat. The romance is disturbed by the activities of a criminal gang who steal, among other Mangals taxi, as they need a vehicle for a bank robbery. The path produces at the end of a shootout with Mangals friends in the night club.


Most of the songs are written by SD Burman cabaret numbers for " Sylvie ". But were especially sung by Kishore Kumar taxi driver number Chahe koi khush ho Chahe galiyan Hazaar de and interpreted by Talat Mahmood tragic Jaye to jaye kahan become hits. The female performers of the movie songs are Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar. The song lyrics are by Sahir Ludhianvi.


The brothers Dev and Chetan Anand produced the movie with her ​​film company " Navketan Prod ". The screenplay was based on a story by Uma and Vijay Anand. 1976 Dev Anand turned a remake of the film under the title Jaaneman.


Filmfare Award 1955

  • Filmfare Award / Best Music Sachin Dev Burman on


According to the Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema Dev Anand had come here in his role as a taxi driver his best-known proletarian representation; this in a story that was inspired by film noir.