TBA (disambiguation)

TBA is an abbreviation for:

  • To be announced, a placeholder, like nouns nominandum
  • TBA (magazine), an Austrian music and media magazine
  • Predicate dry berry selection, a wine predicate
  • Answering, Swiss for answering
  • Thermal component activation, a system that uses building materials for temperature regulation
  • Rendering plant
  • Trans Brasil, former Brazilian Airline ( ICAO code )
  • Trenes de Buenos Aires, an Argentine railway company
  • Gymnastics Federation Andernach, a German sports club

TBA is the abbreviation for the following molecules:

  • 2 -, 4 - ,6- tribromoanisole, musty smelling, responsible for cork taint of wine fabric
  • Tert- butanol, the simplest tertiary alcohol
  • Tert- butylbenzaldehyde, poisonous liquid organic substance with the CAS-No. 939-97-9
  • Tetra-n- butylammonium, commonly used organic cation - ( Bu4N )
  • Thyroxine albumin, a protein

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