TDK Corporation (Japanese TDK株式会社, TDK Kabushiki - gaisha, from东京 电 気 化学 工业Tōkyō Denki Kagaku Kōgyō ), listed on the Nikkei 225, is a Japanese manufacturer of electronic components and media storage with 79 175 employees.

Are produced today, inter alia, Read heads for hard disks, as well as CDs, DVDs, tapes, memory cards. In the 1980s and 1990s the company to the public has been led by its range of compact cassette a term.

The company was founded on 7 December 1935 in Japan as a manufacturer of ferrites, which had recently been discovered by Yogoro Katō. Since 1998 Hajime Sawabe is president of the company.

From 2007, the TDK brand was taken over for storage media Imation.

TDK- Lambda

The subsidiary for power supply products from TDK was acquired in 2005. The Company in New York, founded in 1948, mainly active in Europe and North America Lambda, which was acquired in 1966 by Veeco and 1975 a long-term Im-/Exportvertrag with the Japanese power supplies manufacturer Nippon Electronic Memory Industry Co., Ltd. closed ( three years later with VEECO shares in Nemic lambda Co., Ltd. transferred. ), was founded in 2006 in DENSEI -LAMBDA KK ( the Japanese company formed in 1999 through a full merger of the Nemic lambda with Nippon Electric Industry Co., Ltd.. ( NEIC ) ) and incorporated in 2008 to today's designation TDK- Lambda renamed by passing it to the full ownership of TDK. Besides the three domestic plants in Nagaoka (first operation of the former Nippon Electronic Memory Industry, since 2009 technical center ), and Fukuoka Inashiki TDK today operates foreign technical facilities in Wuxi (China), Senai, Kuantan (Malaysia), Khlng Nueng (Thailand ), Karmiel (Israel ), Achern ( Germany ), Ilfracombe ( United Kingdom) and Neptune (New jersey).


2008 TDK acquired German manufacturer of electronic components Epcos AG, founded in 1989 as Siemens Matsushita Components, headquartered in Munich, for 1.2 billion euros. EPCOS, which already owned a commercial network in Europe, South America and India, the Japanese group expanded to include the application sectors of automotive, industrial and telecommunications.

Plant closures in Europe

The end of 2002 the TDK plant in Rammelsbach / Pfalz was closed. It produced since 1986 audio cassettes, and since 1988 belted radial fixed inductors and from August 2001 to SMD inductors for the European electronics market.

End of May 2006 the TDK plant in Bascharage ( Luxembourg ), which produced CD and DVD media, closed. Instead, TDK focused on the development of the Blu- ray Disc (eg Durabis ).

CD and DVD discs will however continue to be manufactured by ODM manufacturers such as CMC Magnetics, Moser Baer India and Taiyo Yuden TDK.