Team classification in the Tour de France

The team classification at the Tour de France has been operational since 1930.

For the team competition, the times of the top three riders in each team are added per one stage. Once a team has less than three driver brings the start of a stage, it is automatically deleted from the standings, as they can not be counted. To obtain the overall result, the times of each stage are summed.

For the overall victory in the team standings, the team will receive € 50,000.

Until 1990, the leading team was recognized by yellow Radmützen. Since 2006, the best team wears yellow jersey numbers. As of 2012, there also have the right - but not the obligation - to wear yellow helmets as an award.

By the year 1961, the driver then competed in national teams since 1962 sponsored teams. Record winner at the national teams are France and Belgium, each with ten wins. In the sponsored teams Mercier teams are with five wins before the German T -Mobile team and KAS, who have won four victories. It is T -Mobile is the only team that managed three victories in a row.

List of winners of the team classification