Team Katusha

Katusha (Russian Катюша, according to German transcription and phonetics: Katjuscha ) is a Russian cycling team based in Geneva.

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2009, a new cycling team named Team Katusha was founded on the basis of the team Tinkoff Credit system, which received a ProTeam license of the highest category for cycling teams. Katusha to include not only the professional team more cycling teams for rail, Cyclocross, women's cycling, as well as the farm team Katusha Continental Team and Itera - Katusha. The name is said by own representation bring the project worldwide with Russia in connection, if so, a reference is made to the Katyusha rocket launcher or the song Katyusha remains unclear.

The team belongs to the Russian Global Cycling Project, founded in 2008, whose sponsors are the Russian companies Gazprom, Itera, Rostechnologii and Rosneft. These were mediated by Vladimir Putin.

The German Hans -Michael Holczer was from January 2012 as the successor to Andrei Tschmil as General Manager of the Swiss operating company Katusha Management SA operates. In early October 2012, he left the team despite a three - year contract and was replaced October 8, 2012 by Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Ekimov.

The team received from the International Cycling Union UCI for the 2013 season as a ProTeam license no. After World Sports Court of Arbitration rejected the issuance of a provisional license in an emergency procedure, Katusha requested the grant of a license as a Professional Continental team to to the main decision of the CAS can even take part in international cycling race. The license was issued on 15 January 2013. On February 15, 2013, the CAS decision in the main proceedings that the Katusha team's World Tour license is to be granted so that the Professional continenal license was invalid.

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