Team Lazarus

The Team Lazarus, an Italian motor sport racing team. It occurs since 2009 in the Auto GP World Series and decreases in 2012 as Venezuela GP Lazarus part in the GP2 series.


The Team Lazarus was founded by Tancredi Pagiaro 2009. Pagiaro previously worked for GP Racing, which he had founded in 1997.

In its debut season, the team Lazarus started in the Euro Series 3000th With Michael Herck and Diego Nunes, the team took part in the season opener. Then drove Michael Dalle place two races. At the second half of the season, the team did not participate. A fourth place was the best result of the racing team, which reached the seventh place in the team standings.

2010, the team Lazarus remained in the race series, which was called from this season Auto GP. Fabio Onidi was the only pilot of the team. He was four times third place on the podium. Lazarus was sixth in the team standings. For Auto GP season 2011 the team changed its name to Lazarus, and set up two vehicles. Besides Onidi, who remained on the team, Fabrizio Crestani was committed. Onidi scored the first victory and only victory in the season for Lazarus. With a total of seven podium finishes, the team improved to third place in the team standings.

2012 goes Lazarus again in the Auto GP, which is called from this season Auto GP World Series, at the start. In addition, Lazarus received a starting place in the GP2 series in which the team will start as Venezuela GP Lazarus in the 2012 season.

2013 Lazarus starts with the pilot Rene Binder and Kevin Giovesi in GP2.