The Teapacks ( Hebrew: טיפקס ) are an Israeli music band.

Band History

She founded in 1988 in the southern Israeli Sderot and was originally called after the correction fluid Tipp-Ex. The band became popular due to their combination of traditional oriental music with slightly ironic tendencies. Your frontman Kobi Oz is known for his eccentricities. The band produced seven albums and was elected by Israeli radio to the " Band of the Year ".

With the song Push The Button, they participated in the Euro Vision Song Contest 2007. To the song, there were pre-competitive strife, as statements like " The world is full of terror, and if one makes a mistake, then he chases us into the air " were too political. This was a breach of the rules of the ESC producer Kjell Ekholm opinion. To Push The Button Kjell expresses: " It is quite clear that this kind of message is not suited for the competition. " With political interpretations are meant to keep the text for a reference to current political issues. Thus, the Iranian President Ahmadinejad and his threat was meant to attack Israel. After Kobi Oz with the Teapacks Push The Button generally want to point out the way of life of many people in the world who have to live with various forms of violence that produce "funny feelings ":

Despite the concerns, the European Broadcasting Union was on 14 March to the song for the Euro Vision Song Contest, where there is not also came across a 24th place in the semifinals.