TechCrunch is a blog about Web 2.0 products and companies. Founder Michael Arrington is. The first article appeared on 11 June 2005.

The Technorati ranking of the page is 828 and it is there is the thirteenth most popular blog. In February 2011, TechCrunch had more than 4.56 million RSS subscribers according to FeedBurner.

On 28 September 2010 it was announced that TechCrunch was acquired by AOL. In September 2011, the founder and chief editor of TechCrunch Arrington left in the dispute. Successor is Erick Schonfeld.

The TechCrunch network

TechCrunch is connected to several other web pages, commonly referred to as the " TechCrunch network". These include:


As a well-known website to TechCrunch a high degree of public attention is exposed. TechCrunch employees have occasionally complained various conflicts of interest. Nonetheless, allegations of conflicts of interest have never been proven. The obligations of the original publisher of MobileCrunch Oliver Starr are now perceived by several authors. Starr was apparently fired from Arrington, allegedly because of a conflict of interest that had resulted from Starr's services as Senior Mobile Analyst for the "The Guidewire Group ". Starr argued that the dispute would instead come up because Zahlungsuneinigkeiten.