TechEdSat 1 ( Technical Education Satellite ) is a CubeSat, which was released from the ISS. The satellite was built in just four months from the San José State University, Ames Research Center NASA and the Swedish company AAC Microtec. The cost was less than $ 30,000.

Purpose of TechEdSat 1 was space-qualified avionics, which was developed by AAC Microtec, test, and conduct an experiment with communications satellites. 1 would thereby TechEdSat frequencies of ground stations used for communicating with iridium and Orbcomm satellite. The station has been provided for this purpose but taken before the start out of service because the license with the licensing authority the FCC has not issued in time.

TechEdSat 1 was launched on July 21, 2012 in an HTV in Tanegashima Space Center and brought to the ISS. From there, he was released on October 4, 2012 through an airlock, along with the four other CubeSats RAIKO, WE WISH FITSAT -1 and F-1, into space.

The satellite had two monopole antennas for the 2- m and the 70 cm band, and a patch antenna for 1600 MHz. The satellite sent a AX25 beacon and telemetry in an amateur radio band. For this purpose, the frequency 437.465 MHz was coordinated in the 70 cm band of the IARU.

Successor is the 2013 launched TechEdSat 3