Technip S. A. is a French engineering company with headquarters in Paris.

Around 26,500 employees worldwide are at Technip has (as of 2011). The company set up especially in the oil and gas industry production equipment and related accessories.

The Group is divided into five business segments: Services, Fleet & Facilities, Subsea, Offshore and Onshore.

Technip in Germany

The German subsidiary of Technip is located in Dusseldorf. There, about 300 people are employed. The branch was formed in 1999 from the Division of Energy and Environmental now defunct Mannesmann Group. Here the construction of onshore pipeline systems, underground gas storage and calcining plants are planned, among other things. It is all about, a customer, usually a company in the chemical and petroleum industry, set up a key plant. Technip executes the design, procurement, supervision of construction and commissioning of a plant. The actual construction of the equipment (eg the welding of a boiler ) is carried out by others, specialized companies according to the specifications of Technip.

Customers of Technip in Germany

Customers were, and are, among others:

  • The Rhineland refinery near Cologne, which is part of the Shell oil company.
  • BASF in Ludwigshafen.