Ted Ray (Golfer)

Edward RG "Ted" Ray ( born March 28, 1877 in Jersey; † August 26, 1943 in London) was a British professional golfer born on the Channel Island of Jersey. He is considered the first real long hitter of golf.

Sporting successes

Ted Ray debuted in 1899 at the British Open in Sandwich, England, where he won the 16th place promptly. Became famous for Ted Ray in particular through its participation in the play-off at the U.S. Open in 1913, which he fought out with his good friend Harry Vardon and the eventual winner Francis Ouimet. Ted Ray celebrated numerous successes as a professional, especially the major victories in the British Open at Muirfield in 1912 and 1920 at the U.S. Open in Inverness. In tournaments he was mostly found among the top 10. For quite a stir his acting competition tours attended by the United States of America along with Harry Vardon in 1913 and 1920. In this context, one spoke of the duel " Broadsword " ( Ray ) against " Rapier " ( Vardon ), since Ted Ray very dynamically struck on the balls while Harry Vardon, in contrast, played a particularly elegant and controlled. Ted Ray is regarded as " the best player, which was not entered into the World Golf Hall of Fame golf " and became the first Ryder Cup captain for the United Kingdom in 1927 in the history of golf one.

Appearance and style of play

Ted Ray was a big, powerful man, known for always appearing on the golf course with hat and pipe. Despite his unorthodox swing style Ted Ray was capable of a golf ball much further to beat than most of his contemporaries. He often missed by although the fairway, but then could rely on his rescue blows with the Niblick. On the greens Ted Ray showed a soulful and purposeful safe handling of the putter.

Activity as a golf instructor

His first appearance at the British Open earned him his first engagement as a club pro in Churston GC in Devon, England, a. 1903 Ted Ray followed an offer Vardons, Yorkshire, to be his successor in Ganton GC. From 1912 until his health-related withdrawal from the sport of golf, 1941, he was Head Pro in Oxhey near Watford GC, Hertfordshire. Ted Ray was also because of his unorthodox swing, anything but a good teacher. A typical tip Rays was: " Hit the ball hard as I do! " ( " Blow the ball just as hard as I "). However, in his 1922 published textbook Driving, Approaching, he is putting all aspects of the game from detail.

Ted Ray as a movie character

The real events and characters of the participants in the U.S. Open in 1913 became the basis for the Disney film, " The Greatest Game Ever Played ", who came to German cinemas in 2006. Ted Ray was represented in it by the British actor Stephen Marcus.

Participation in the Major Championships


Results (chronological)

Of the four existing majors played Ted Ray only The Open Championship and the U.S. Open.

Failed NT = No tournament / Tournament DNP = Did not play / non-runner CUT = cut at the failed "T " = tie / split placement Green background = win. Yellow background = Top10 placement