Teddy Darby

Blind Teddy Darby (actually Theodore Roosevelt Darby, born March 2, 1906 in Henderson, Kentucky, † December 1975 ) was an American blues guitarist and singer.

As a child, Darby came to St. Louis, Missouri. His mother taught him to play the guitar. He grew up in a rough environment, and spent some time in reform schools because it such as " Moonlight": sold (illegally distilled spirit drink " moonshine ").

At the age of 20 years, Darby became blind to glaucoma and began to make his way as a musician, especially in East St. Louis, Illinois, often accompanied by his cousin Tom Webb ( piano ). He described his hard life in pieces like Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues, She Thinks She's slick, Bought a Bottle of Gin and Bootleggin ' Is not Good No More. Sometimes accompanied Darby Peetie Wheatstraw during his performances.

Between 1929 and 1937 he made as "Blind Teddy Darby ", "Blind Darby ", "Blind Blues Darby " and "Blind Squire Turner" recordings for record labels Paramount, Victor, Bluebird, Vocalion and Decca. In 1960, he was "rediscovered" and recorded by Pete Welding of Testament Records - these recordings were never published.

Darby's Song Built Right On The Ground has been re-recorded since 1970 as I Never Cried several times, including John Miller ( the first changed the title ), Roy Book Binder, Howard bursae and Phil Heywood.