Teispes (Persian چیشپیش Tschīschpīsch, Tšaišpiš Old Persian, Babylonian Šišpiš, Elamite Zišpiš; * around 700 BC; † 640 BC) was the second king of the ancient Persian Achaemenid Empire. He was the son and successor of the dynasty 's founder Achaemenes and reigned from 675 BC to 640 BC

Teispes to by mythical tradition his territory among his two sons Cyrus I Ariaramna and I have split.

Ariaramna I received the eastern parts of Persis ( Parsa ) and Cyrus I the Elamite Anshan district ( Parsumaš ). While Ariaramna to have been later sold by I. Median king Cyaxares II, Cyrus I got through his promedischen course the areas of Ariaramna I. transmitted as a county.

However, wedge Written evidence of the division as well as the removal of Ariaramna I missing to this day.