Tejutla, San Marcos

Tejutla on the map of Guatemala

Tejutla ( formerly Santiago Tenango and Texutla, then Santiago Tejutla ) is a town ( villa) and the administrative seat of Municipalities of the same name in the department of San Marcos in Guatemala. The town is located approximately 300 km north- west of Guatemala City and just 40 km north of San Marcos Departamentshauptstadt in the highlands of the Sierra Madre to 2,520 meters above sea level.

Tejutla can be reached from San Marcos on a country road that leads east of the volcano on La Tajumulco Grandeza and Serchil in the remote north of the department. In the 142 km ² large municipality of about 45,000 inhabitants, of which the vast majority in the country. In addition to the approximately 5,000 inhabitants, capital is the municipality from the rural communities ( Aldeas ) Agua Tibia, Armenia, Buena Vista El Rosario, Cancela Grande, Chanlanchac, Culvillá, CUYA, El Horizonte, El Paraiso, Esquipulas, Ixmulca, La Democracia, Las Delicias, Los Cerezos, Quipambe, San Isidro, Tojuchoc, Tuisincé and Venecia, with a total of 60 hamlets. For administrative purposes the eight regions were formed. Subsistence farming is the norm.

When the Spaniards arrived in 1524 Tejutla (then " Texutla " ) is already a significant settlement of the Mam Maya. Besides the village the Spanish founded on July 25, 1627 a new village called Santiago Tenango. Both places coexisted side by side and had separate administrations. The Spanish colonial administration site was under by 1700 an area that corresponded to today's municipios Comitancillo, Ixchiguan, Concepción Tutuapa, Sipacapa, Sibinal, Tajumulco, Tacaná and parts of San Miguel Ixtahuacán. In the course of the two places Tejutla and Santiago Tenango grew up together; therefore the place was called some time Santiago Tejutla until the reference was accounted for by the patron Santiago in place names. In 1870 Tejutla because of its regional importance to the status of a villa or small town. At that time there were also efforts to make Tejutla to Departaments capital. In the following decades several Aldeas Tejutlas were autonomous municipios.

Today, following municipios bordering Tejutla: Concepción Tutuapa in the north, San Miguel Ixtahuacán in the northeast, Comitancillo the east and southeast, San Marcos in the south, Ixchiguan to the west and San Jose Ojetenam in the northwest.