Tekeli ( Kazakh Текелі ) is a city in southeastern Kazakhstan.

Geographical Location

The city is located about 285 km from the southern former capital, Almaty and is surrounded by many mountains. It lies at the end of a branch of the Turksib the river Karatal near the Djungarian Alatau in the Almaty region, approximately 100 km from the Chinese border.


Tekeli has 22,840 inhabitants (2008 ).


The name of the city comes from the Tekeli Kazakh word " TEKE ", and means mountain goat. Therefore, the emblem of the city is provided with a mountain goat. The city was founded in 1937 as Soviet geologists discovered a large Polymetallic Deposit. Today there live about 23 000 people of different nationalities.


In Tekeli lead is recovered. A campus of the University of Central Asia is located in the city.