Teklanika River

Riverbed of Teklanika in Denali National Park

The river rises in the northeastern part of the Denali National Park from the Cantwell Glacier in the Alaska Range, flows north and empties south of Nenana Nenana River in the. He belongs to the river system of the Yukon River.

The Teklanika River has a branched river. He splits several times in a network of canals, which are separated by small islands, sand and gravel banks. When crossing the Primrose Ridge and Tekla Ridge he becomes narrower and its flow rate increases. In the lower reaches in the southern Tanana Valley he eventually meanders through a fanned-out system of Altwasserschlingen and lakes to the confluence with the Nenana River.

In the filmed by Sean Penn documentary Into the Wild is the ascended through the snow melt Teklanika River Christopher McCandless cut way back on to Healy.