Telekom Innovation Laboratories

The Telekom Innovation Laboratories (short: T- Labs) were founded in 2004 as the central research and development institute of Deutsche Telekom. The aim is to develop innovative products and solutions through close cooperation between science and industry and to accelerate the integration of innovation into the company. At the sites in Berlin, Darmstadt, Bonn, Be'er Sheva (Israel) and Mountain View ( U.S. ) at the T-Labs to focus on medium-term issues and the establishment of new businesses.

Structure and topics

Within the Deutsche Telekom include the T-Labs for Products & Innovation; they work for all divisions. At the same time they are a so-called institute of the Technical University of Berlin, a privately organized scientific institution that is closely linked with the normal teaching and research at the TU. With this concept, an intensive exchange between science and industry is made. Experts, entrepreneurs and researchers are working on practical innovations and disruptive technologies in the field of information and communication technology.

The subject areas at the TU Berlin are Intelligent Networks and Management of Distributed Systems, Quality and Usability, Security in Telecommunications and Service-centric networking. In 2008, an Assistant Professor of Interaction Design and Media was established at the Technical University of Berlin, which is owned gift Joost in 2010 was appointed to a professorship Design Research at the University of Arts Berlin. In 2009, two more chairs for Assessment of IP -based applications and Autonomous Security were created at the TU Berlin.

The T-Labs follow the principles of open innovation and co-operate in addition to the TU Berlin with other universities, such as Israel's Ben - Gurion University of the Negev, or Stanford University as well as with partners from the industry and with start-ups.

Around 180 telecom experts and about 180 scientists, interns, students, undergraduates, graduate students and scholars from more than 25 different countries working in the T- Labs. The working environment in the Telefunken Haus der TU Berlin consists of an open office structure with desksharing jobs, think tanks, project rooms, cafeteria and many meeting rooms.


Earlier worked among others in the T- Labs:


The T-Labs or its employees have already received over 50 awards, including the following:

  • 2005: Voice Award
  • 2007: Landmark in the Land of Ideas
  • 2008: Berlin Science Award of the Governing Mayor of Berlin ( Young Investigator Award ) for gift Joost
  • 2008: Anniversary VOICE Award
  • 2009 Johann- Philipp- Reis Award for Sebastian Möller for his work in the areas of speech signal processing, telecommunications and human- machine interaction.
  • 2009: "Best Practice" Voice Award
  • 2010: Open Innovation Award in the R & D facility
  • 2011: Johann- Philipp- Reis Award for Alexander Raake for its research and development projects for innovative voice services
  • 2011: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize for Anja Feldmann
  • 2011: Berlin Science Award of the Governing Mayor of Berlin for Anja Feldmann