Television film

A television film is a long -format film, which is produced for television broadcasting. The productions are usually given by one or more broadcasting companies in order and totally or partially funded. In the case of externalizing foreign or specially created, sender 's own production company to take over the entire production process. This transmitter will have the opportunity to receive revenue from the production as revenue in their own production companies and also outsource the economic risks of film production.

Normally provides a producer, director or writer of the respective editors of a television station a treatment, which must then decide whether it will implement and fund the idea. If the editor takes the substance, the procedure continues internally in conferences. If it comes to implementation, a script will be commissioned.

The development of the script is run by the editor. The finished script is again suggested in an editorial meeting in which the editors decide whether they want to place an order implementation. The producer creates a cost estimate for the implementation of the screenplay, based on which he receives the order for the film production. The editors accept from the rough cut, the music, the mix and the transmission band. All rights to the script are as long as held by the production company until a station places an order for the production to the production company and paid for the rights to the screenplay. The rights to the finished film include the transmitter during development and production. The contract producer bears the production risk alone, ie in the case of cost overruns be borne by the producer, unless it is backed by movie insurance.

The production format ranges according to the purpose and budget of motion picture film to digital recording. The most common production format was until 2002 Betacam SP, DigiBeta and followed by IMX (only NDR). Today is increasingly produced in HDTV.

Numerous writers and directors who specialize in television movies. Among the best known representatives in the fictional area include about Dieter Wedel and Dominik Graf, for the docudrama Heinrich Breloer and documentary formats among others Hans- Dieter Grabe, Georg Stefan Troller and Gero von Boehm.