Teller assist unit

An Automated Teller Safe (AKT ), in practice employment servant banknote Machine (BBA ) or occasionally cash adapter ( CA), Cash Master ( CM) or plate assist unit ( TAU) is called, is a safe, which of banks for payment cash money is used on the switch or cashier stations. To increase security, the cash holdings are held in such vaults. By the time lock and maximum amounts is not possible rapid access to the contents of the safe. Payments will be made via a PC input.

In an AKT are several Cash boxes or rolls. These can be fitted with different bills. The input to the computer allows this at a bank to pay the right amounts. By default, a household mixture is output to paper money, the cashier can also type the desired denomination. A check for authenticity of tickets takes place automatically in modern Acts in the deposit operations. Also, newer AKT able to check the correct placement. Incorrect payments are possible, although very rare.

1983, in the Federal Republic of Germany, only around 4 percent of banks and savings banks with an automated teller safe (AKT ) equipped, but replaced since the usual money boxes in the cash boxes in which the cashier holds the bills for the cash transactions of the customers. The first models used the cashier gave the desired amount into the computer and after a waiting time of 3 minutes, the money issue was made by a cash slot. The edition was limited to 40 bills every 3 minutes. Access to the vault was the only computer available again after a waiting time of 15 minutes. Today may within 30 seconds total maximum of 5,000 euros, but within 2 minutes only a maximum of 10,000 euros will be paid. Amounts from 10,000 to 50,000 euros may be available only after at least 5 minutes. The main vault may can be opened only after a blocking period of at least 10 minutes. For comparison, at the Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa ) 1992 25 million operations beyond the traditional cash boxes and only 5 million ATMs were still settled. By 1999 the number had risen at the vending machine on more than 20 million items and dropped off at the cash boxes to 15 million. Until 2002, all cash boxes were abolished.

In the accident prevention regulations cash ( GUV- V C 9) of the Administrative Professional Association are automated teller safes mandatory in Germany, if the cashier does not work in a separate glass-enclosed box office area with extensive additional safety precautions.