Temple Mills#Eurostar depot

The Temple Mills Depot is the new maintenance center for the trains of Euro Star Group. It replaced since 14 November 2007, the former train depot North Pole depot, after the second phase of the high speed line high speed was 1 commissioned and the London terminus of the Euro Star trains was moved from Waterloo Station to the renovated St Pancras.

The depot is north of the new station Stratford International located at the eastern edge of the former marshalling yard Temple Mills and this is achieved by a single-track Überwerfungsbauwerk the east. A tunnel under the Lea Valley Line merges into a separate track leading east along this route to the depot, so no rail infrastructure Network Rail must be used.

The building is 450 meters long and 64 meters wide, 12 meters high inside. With eight tracks, the trains can be maintained.

Just north of the hall there is a small hall, from the English, Welsh & Scottish Railway (EWS ) was used as a maintenance facility for locomotives. 51.56 - 0.022777777777778Koordinaten: 51 ° 33 ' 36 "N, 0 ° 1' 22 " W

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  • Building in the London Borough of Waltham Forest