Temple of Venus and Roma

The Temple of Venus and Roma (Latin: Templum Veneris et Romae ) is a double temple in Rome. His preserved remains are located on the Coliseum facing slope of the Velia. The Roman Forum facing cella was dedicated to the Roman goddess Roma, in the other of Venus cult was practiced, which has been revived by Emperor Hadrian.

The base of the temple was 140 by 100 meters, which made him to Rome's biggest temple. Its construction was 121 AD under Hadrian started but not completed until his successor Antoninus Pius. The construction work related to the demolition of the hall erected by Nero Domus Aurea. The foundations of this building were partially reused. The temple was surrounded on its long sides of a double portico of gray granite columns, which possessed Propylaea. Overall, the architecture of the temple was more oriented towards the Greek and the Roman building rules. He also had no high podium, which was mandatory for Roman temple.

Emperor Maxentius left the temple, which had been damaged by fire, restored 307 and significantly alter his plan here. The Cellae were supplemented by an apse and the wooden ceiling replaced by a barrel vault.

The western cella is the best preserved, as it was incorporated for a long time in the Church of Santa Francesca Romana. In it, there is now a Roman exhibition and collection of antiquities under the name Antiquarium in the forum.


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