Tenterden is a small town in the Ashford District of Kent in England. It lies on the edge of a dense forest area, which (the forest ) is called in England "The Weald ". From Tenterden is the view over the valley of the River Rother.

Origin of the name

The city's name is derived from the Old English word " Tenet Waraden " and means the bearing of a man of the tribe of the people of the island of Thanet in a clearing.


The town grew from the 14th century as a result of the recovery of the local wool processing factories, which was due to the influx of Flemish dress maker. Compared to other centers in the Weald Tenterden area had the advantage of a private sea access.

A large part of today's Romney Marsh was not made ​​under cultivation and was still under water today is no more Tenterden port city.

The timber from the Weald area was used for shipbuilding. Tenterden was incorporated in 1449 AD, in the circle of the Cinque Ports Confederation.

City ​​council

The city was divided into four administrative districts ( wards ) divided: North, South, West and St Michaels.

Churches and chapels

There are two parishes, called in England "parish church":

  • The catchment area of ​​the " St. Mildred 's Church " contains the city center. The church dates from the 12th century and was extensively extended in the following centuries. 1461 AD, the striking bell tower was erected, which additionally also fulfilled the role of a lighthouse at the time.
  • The church of "St. Michael" was consecrated in 1863, the spire was placed twelve years later.