Teodor Pejačević

Pejačević Teodor ( Theodor Pejatschewitsch to German, Hungarian Tivadar Pejácsevics; * September 24, 1855 in Našice; † July 22, 1928 in Vienna) was a Croatian nobleman, politician and statesman from the house Pejačević. He was Ban ( viceroy ) of Croatia and Slavonia from 1903 until 1907.


Dr. Teodor Count Pejačević Virovitica was the second child and eldest son of Ladislav Pejačević (* 1824 - † 1901) and his wife Gabrijela Döry born Baroness von Jobahaza (* 1830 - † 1913) was born. His father was a Ban of Croatia ( 1880-1883 ).

He studied law at the Universities of Bonn and Budapest and became a doctor of law. On January 22, 1881 he married the Baroness Elizabeta ( Lilla ), born Vay de Vaya, and they had five children: Marko, Velimir, Teodora ( Dora ), Elizabeta and Gabrijela.

Pejačević was for many years Großgespan Virovitica (1886-1901), Ban of Croatia (1903-1907), and Minister in the Government of Hungary (1913-1917) Prime Minister István Tisza.

Beginning of the 20th century, he was a participant in a new direction in Croatian politics, which was characterized by the alliance between Croats and Serbs in Croatia to reach the common benefit within the Habsburg monarchy with the target. 1905, a political coalition between Croat and Serb politicians agreed that until 1918 (ie, until the dissolution of the Habsburg monarchy ) ruled in the Croatian countries from 1906.

As a supporter of the ruling coalition, Pejačević the resistance against the Hungarian demand in 1907 for the Hungarian language as an official in the then Croatian Railways supported introduce. Since this resistor failed Pejačević was forced to resign.

In his family in 1885, the third child, the daughter Dora, famous Croatian composer and violinist, born.