Tequendama Falls

The Salto del Tequendama ( Tequendama Waterfall ) is a south-west of the Colombian capital Bogota situated waterfall that plunges 145 m over a ground level straight down. It is formed by the Río Bogotá, which leads from the plateau of Bogota to Rio Sumapaz.

Immediately above the Falls, the village of El Charquito. From the main road Bogotá - El Colegio, the waterfall is well appreciated.

This traditional hotel directly at the waterfall, an elegant Gründerzeit is closed for many years and expire. This is not least due to the severe contamination of the Río Bogotá, which is loaded with the largely untreated sewage of the entire south of the city of Bogotá.

The height of the waterfall is used by the power station above the town of El Laguito Santandercito for producing electrical energy, so that the case usually results in very little water.