TER Alsace

The TER Alsace is a transport company that provides the logistics of local public transport (LPT ) is available for the French region of Alsace.

The Company Transport express régional TER Alsace Alsace operates in their lines on one of the comparatively smallest local authorities in France. This area corresponds to the boundaries of the two departments of Bas- Rhin (67) and Haut-Rhin (68).

A total of 121 stations will be approached by train in Alsace. With a land area of ​​8280 km ² as an area of 68 km ² per station is covered. This is a very high density. This network is complemented by several bus lines operated by TER.

TER Alsace was the first region in the 1997 first tentatively, then finally from 2002, due to the Haenel Commission based in Alsace (Director: Hubert Haenel ), the operation of TER was established. Within this short time, the volume of transport of passengers has increased by 70%. In addition to optimizing the compounds of various modes of transport and improving the situation of stations and stops is considered as major concern of the operator ( Alsace region ) to increase the acceptance of their services. This includes, according to the Alsace region, among other things, the introduction of tickets Alsa job and campus, two tickets in the subscription, which is specifically designed for working students and commuters.

Rolling stock

Should until 2009 annually 35 million euros, so be spent in total on new rolling stock since its introduction in 2002, 300 million euros. These costs for upgrades and new purchases will be borne by the Alsace region, however, the vehicles remain the property of SNCF, or go with new acquisitions over to SNCF. By 2011, the existing rolling stock should be completely replaced or modernized.

Up to now, were called into service:

  • 28 X 12 X 73500 and 73900 ( Coradia A TER; " whale " ) Alstom DDF Diesel- hydraulic railcar; 80 seats, top speed 140 km / h
  • 21 X 76500 ( XGC / AGC ) of Bombardier diesel- electric railcar (three parts); 174 seats, top speed 160 km / h
  • 12 Siemens Avanto electric light rail vehicles ( tram-train ) for the Tram-Train Mulhouse- Vallée de la Thur; joint funding with the " Syndicat Intercommunal de la Région transport Mulhousienne "

Existing rolling stock, the modernized between 2008 and 2010 in the use includes works:

Ordered are also:

With a new color scheme, the identification should be facilitated with the mode of transport: So are the colors green for the forest and the vineyards, yellow for agriculture, rose for the sandstone of the Vosges, Alsace brown for the earth.