TER Bourgogne

The TER Bourgogne is network operator for the four departments in the Burgundy region. These are Côte -d'Or (21 ), Nièvre (58 ), Saône- et- Loire ( 71) and Yonne (89). The TER is an association of regional administration and the SNCF. Make the transport services in passenger transport by rail and buses available, they decide on the tariff structure and they are responsible for the clock and the capacity design.

A total of 150 stations and stops are connected in the traffic network. Average of 210 km ² are on a total area of 31,580 km ² region of so of each breakpoint supplied. This number reflects the strong rural structure of the supply area. Average 35,000 travelers daily transported, can be used for 250 to 280 ( depending on the week ) trains, 100 buses and 25 courses en taxi ( taxis line ).

Currently undergone extensive renovations, of which about 60 stations are affected and for the period from 2003 to 2005 already 4.5 million euros were spent. For such work, the equipment includes new furniture, platform displays, disabled - friendly access and the like. The cost share up to half the French state railway SNCF and the Burgundy region. In addition, once 210 million euros for the car park are available. After completion of the work in 2010 no cars in the inventory should be, who is older than 15 years. The plan is:

  • 96 RRR ( Rames reversible regional branches ) ensure the operation of the TER, of which since 2002 already 72 against older models (mean age: 35 years ) were renovated and 24 cars completely renewed
  • 18 Autorails grande capacité ( AGC) had been delivered by the end of 2009,
  • 17 Autorails, 7 RRR rames reversible regional branches and 86 Corail carriages in 2007 - renovated 2010 peu -à- peu

Since 2004 a Linienkomitté ( comités de lignes ) is used, which for a more optimal use of the compounds - to provide - especially in school transport. 2004 92 per cent of trains were on time according to own data.

Tension material

The car park used is very different. The most common type of train is the X 4630, which dates from the mid -1970s: