TER Champagne-Ardenne

The TER Champagne- Ardenne is network operator for the four departments in the Champagne- Ardenne region. These are Ardennes (08 ), Aube (10 ), Marne (51 ) and Haute -Marne (52). The TER is an association of regional administration and the SNCF. Make the transport services in passenger transport by rail and buses available, decide on the tariff structure and are responsible for the clock and the capacity design.

As in other regions, began the work of the "TER Champagne- Ardenne " in January 2002. For the modernization of the railway infrastructure a total of 240 million euros has been allocated for the period from 2000 to 2010. At the beginning, the average age of the fleet was 32 years. By the year 2010 should be used:

  • 8 " Autorails " X 73500, which are around Reims and in Haute -Marne with up to 140 km / h in use since 2002. They offer 82 seats
  • 23 modernized Corail - car sets with up to 160 km / h top performance, in use on the line Reims - Dijon. It is 300 travelers seats, the driving is done by diesel locomotive of type CC72100.
  • 28 " Corail " cars with insert focus Marne Valley (Paris- Château- Thierry / Dorman / Epernay / Chalons-en -Champagne / Vitry -le- François / Saint- Dizier / Bar -le- Duc) also with a top speed of 160 km / h with 600 seats and pulled by electric locomotives of type BB15000.
  • 23 " AutoRail à grande capacité " ( AGC) of Bombardier Transportation with diesel drive (X 76500 ), 13 AGC (Z 27500 ) electrically operated and 8 AGC with dual drive ( B 82500 ) which are put into service between autumn 2006 and spring 2010; Peak power is also 160 km / h 36 of these new trains have 174 seats, eight 210

Have been modernized / 23 CORAIL-Z ights that are on the axis Dijon Reims in use and two 11,500 Z (Z2 ), which are used on the two routes Reims -Nancy and Charleville -Mézières - Longwy. The maintenance of all cars is done in the operating plant Epernay.

The Champagne-Ardenne region is one of 79 stations and stops. 324 km ² are on a total area of 25,600 km ² as per train stop supplies. This is one of the worst surface supplies in France (for comparison: in Alsace, a train station or stop is 68 km ²). The Paris- Basel, which is operated within Champagne-Ardenne from line 4, was electrified.