Ternopil Oblast

The Ternopil Oblast (Ukrainian Тернопільська область / Ternopilska oblast, Russian Тернопольская область / Ternopolskaja oblast ) is an administrative unit of the Ukraine in the west of the country. It has around 1.07 million inhabitants (2014).

The oblast comprises part of the historic landscape of Galicia, but the northeastern Rajone Kremenez, Shumsk, Laniwzi well as the places listed north of the line Mala Beresowyzja ( Мала Березовиця ) - Kobyllja ( Кобилля ) - Iwantschany ( Іванчани ) - Hlyntschuky ( Глинчуки ) - Nowyky ( Новики ) - Chorny Lis ( Чорний Ліс ) - Kapustynskyj Lis ( Капустинський Ліс ) - Kapustynzi ( Капустинці ) - Synjawa ( Синява ) in Rajon Zbaraj the end of the existence of Galicia in 1918 not to do so.

It is bounded on the northwest by the Lviv Oblast, to the southwest by the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, in the south to the Chernivtsi Oblast, on the east by the Khmelnytskyi Oblast and on the north by the Rivne Oblast.

Capital is Ternopil, other cities are Kremenez and Chortkiv. Overall, the oblast comprises 17 Rajone with 15 cities and 17 urban-type villages, the area is 13,823 square kilometers. The area is sparsely populated with about 1000 villages ( 1.07 million inhabitants, about 2.3 % of the total population of Ukraine ); its economy is dominated by agriculture: 1997 over 60 % of the gross national product were developed by Agriculture, nearly 30% by industry.

Administrative subdivision

The Ternopil Oblast is administratively in 17 Rajone as well as directly below the Oblastverwaltung city of Ternopil Oblasthauptstadt divided.

Rajone the Ternopil Oblast with their administrative centers

Largest cities

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