Terra (mythology)

Tellus ( Latin for " earth " ) is in Roman mythology, the god of the maternal earth, hence often called Terra Mater, and corresponds to the Greek Gaia.

They called for earthquakes (her temple in Rome, located on the slope of the prestigious neighborhood of Carinae, 268 BC had been praised as a result of an earthquake in the war ), on solemn oaths of together with the sky god Jupiter, as the common grave things besides the manes.

As the Greek Demeter she was also a goddess of the order of marriage, but in particular they often worshiped in conjunction with Ceres as the goddess of Erdfruchtbarkeit. So you were the scheduled in January at the conclusion of the winter sowing from the pontiff for two consecutive market days Saatfeier ( feriae sementivae ) and at the same time celebrated in the country Paganalien where her a pregnant pig was sacrificed to Ceres, as well as on 15 April for the fertility of the year in which her ​​pregnant cows ( fordae ) were sacrificed partly on the Capitol, some in the 30 curiae, partly outside the city committed with the participation of the pontiffs and Vestal Virgins feast of Fordicidien or Hordicidien. The ashes of the unborn calves custody on the Vestal Virgins to the festivals of the Parilia, where they mingled with the ashes of the " October Rosses " has been used as a cleaning agent ( suffimen ).

In addition to the female deity was worshiped a god Tellumo.

After Tellus 1798 the chemical element tellurium was named by Martin Heinrich Klaproth.