Territorial Abbey of Montevergine

Territorial Abbey of Monte Vergine (Latin: Territorialis Abbatia Montisvirginis ) is located in South Italy Roman Catholic Territorial Abbey of the Benedictine based in Monte Vergine on Monte Vergiliano or Vergilio at Avellino in Campania.


The Abbey of Monte Vergine was founded in 1118 by William of Vercelli and quickly formed their own association monastery in the whole of southern Italy and Sicily. It was equipped with royal, papal and episcopal privileges, including the collection of Abbatija nullius by Pope Alexander IV in 1261 with temporal and spiritual jurisdiction over different areas. The heyday of the Congregation of Monte Vergine ended at the beginning of the 14th century. Disagreements over the election of the Abbot General, Disziplinaufweichung and the establishment of commendatory, such as 1430 of Cardinal Hugo of Lusignan Lancelot slowed the further development of the monastery of Monte Vergine and he founded the Congregation. It was not until Pope Sixtus V in 1588 presented the full independence of the Abbey restored. The by Saint. Giovanni Leonardi and Pope Paul V. 1596-1611 carried out reforms promoted the Neuaufblühen the Congregation for up to 45 monasteries to Napoleon I. in 1807 suppressed. Only the root monastery of Monte Vergine remained monastic life with 25 monks received, including to obtain monastery and library. A further injury to the congregation caused the cancellation laws of 1861 and 1866. In 1879, the abbey of the new Congregation of Benedictines of Subiaco joined, to which it belongs today. The Benedictines of Monte Vergine follow the Constitutions of Subiaco and its own revised by Paul V. statutes. Deviating from the usual custom of the Benedictine they wear a white habit. Your abbot is Gebietsabt as a member of the Italian Episcopal Conference. The abbey was built on the foundations of an ancient temple of Cybele. In the 18th century, the buildings were largely in Baroque style. 1952 to 1961 the church was rebuilt.

The Turin grave cloth was due to a contract between Victor Emmanuel III. and Pope Pius XII. hidden 1939-1946 in the Abbey, to protect it from possible bombing of Turin, before Adolf Hitler, who allegedly wanted to steal it.

In 2005, she lost the nine parishes in the Diocese of Avellino after the loss of power of the Abbot Tarcisio Giovanni Nazzaro due to severe financial difficulties.

Abbots of Monte Vergine

  • Lancelot Hugo of Lusignan ( 1433 )
  • Giacomo Giordano
  • Victor Maria Corvaia OSB (18 January 1884-12. July 1908 )
  • Carlo Maria Gregorio Grasso OSB ( September 1908-7. April 1915, then Archbishop of Salerno)
  • Giuseppe Ramiro Marcone, OSB (11 March 1918-1952 )
  • Ludovico Anselmo Tranfaglia OSB (17 December 1952-1968 )
  • Thomas Augustine Gubitosi OSB (15 October 1979-1989 )
  • Francesco Pio Tamburrino, OSB (29 November 1989-14. February 1998, then Bishop of Policastro Teggiano )
  • Tarciscio Giovanni Nazzaro OSB (24 June 1998-15 November 2006. ) Beda Umberto Paluzzi OSB (15 November 2006-18. April 2009) ( Apostolic Administrator )