Terry Wogan

Sir Michael Terence Wogan, KBE ( born August 3, 1938 in County Limerick, Ireland ) is a radio and television presenter, working mainly for the BBC, where he at BBC Radio 2 to December 18, 2009, the morning show (Wake Up to Wogan ) moderated. Since 14 February 2010, he presented the Sunday morning show Weekend Wogan. He is born in Ireland and in 2005 he took British citizenship in addition to.

Terry Wogan is well-known for his ironic and sarcastic comments, in particular for Euro Vision Song Contest, which he moderated on BBC TV over the years from the off. When Euro Vision Song Contest 1998, he was both a presenter (along with Ulrika Jonsson ) and commentator. Since 1978 he also hosted regularly the British preselection for the competition. In August 2008, he announced to no longer stand for the Euro Vision Song Contest in 2009.