Tessa Hofmann

Tessa Hofmann is the birth and name of the author of the German sociologist and author Tessa Savvidis (* December 15 1949 in Bassum, Lower Saxony ). Hofmann lives and works in Berlin.


After graduating from high school in 1969 in Hanover Hofmann studied until 1974 Slavonic, Armenistik and sociology. 1974/75 she was Postgraduate Research Fellow at the State University Saint Petersburg ( Russia), Yerevan (Armenia ) and Tbilisi (Georgia). In 1982 she received her doctorate and is since 1983 a research assistant at the Eastern Institute of the Free University of Berlin.


As a nonfiction writer and editor Hofmann has published numerous, published in eight states publications on the history, culture and present situation of Armenia and the Armenian diaspora for Genocide Studies, Minorities in Turkey and the South Caucasus. Since 1979 she has worked in the voluntary human rights work as Armenia - coordinator of the Society for Threatened Peoples and as Chair of the Working Group Recognition - Against Genocide, geV for international understanding (AGA ). At the Department of Sociology of East European Institute at the Free University of Berlin, she is a staff member in the design, application and implementation of research projects with a focus on migration and minority research in Eastern and South Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus.

Hofmann currently working on the research project Comparing out- migration from Armenia and Georgia with (2008-2010; Head: Prof. Dr. Nikolai Genov ).

Honors and Awards

Criticism of Illustrations

A picture of the Russian painter Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin entitled Apotheosis of War from 1871 was in black and white version as the cover image of the Hofmann 1980 published the book The genocide of the Armenians in court - the process is using Talaat Pasha and a photograph with entitled " Turkish barbarism: A pyramid of skulls in Western Armenia 1916/1917 " means.

This cover image and its use were of Turkkaya Ataov points out, among other things in Scripture The ' Armenian Question ': theme Conflict, Trauma and Objectivity and the publication on Armenian Falsification of 1985. He revealed this incident on the first time, without mentioning Hofmann as responsible. Also in the published by Hermann Goltz acts of international Dr. Johannes Lepsius - Symposium 1986 at the Martin -Luther- University Halle -Wittenberg, the subject was treated. Goltz rated the incident as "astonishing" and "embarrassing ". Accordingly, Tessa Hofmann would misunderstand in their re- publication of Talaat process, the paintings by Vereshchagin as an image document from the genocide of the Armenians. For the 1985 published edition of the book a different cover image was chosen.

Inside the 1980 edition is also located the declared as photo painting Les horreurs de la guerre by Paul -Émile Boutigny ( 1854-1929 ) with the caption " tortured and violated Armenians. Taken on the road from Trabzon after Ersnga by a German officer. " In 1914, a monochrome photographic reproduction of the painting was exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français.

Writings (selection )

  • Tessa Hofmann as Editor: The genocide of the Armenians in court: the process Talaat Pasha. New edition, 2nd supplemented and expanded edition with photos, Göttingen 1980.
  • 3 supplemented and revised edition, Göttingen 1985, ISBN 3-922197-05-1.