Test Cricket

Test Cricket is the most important and prestigious mode of conduct in cricket sports. These are matches between national teams that have been specifically approved by the International Cricket Council for such games.

Game entitled Teams

About the eligibility ( test status ) from teams in the International Cricket Council decides. The prerequisite is that cricket is established in the country firmly as a sport and is played professionally at a high level.

Test status currently have (date of the first official tests in parentheses):

  • Australia (15 March 1877)
  • England (15 March 1877)
  • South Africa (March 12, 1889 to March 10, 1970, again since 18 April 1992)
  • West Indies (23 June 1928)
  • New Zealand (10 January 1930)
  • India (25 June 1932)
  • Pakistan (16 October 1952)
  • Sri Lanka (17 February 1982)
  • Zimbabwe (October 18, 1992 to June 10, 2004, January 6th, 2005 to January 18, 2006 and again since 3 August 2011)
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh (10 November 2000)

India joined before 1947 and the present states of Pakistan and Bangladesh; Pakistan again before 1971 also Bangladesh. Because of apartheid South Africa was completely boycotted 1971-1991 from the other teams. Zimbabwe played from 2004 to 2005 no tests because of significant internal problems, the impact could also be the national cricket association. Since 2006, again no tests were performed. The first test was then discharged in August 2011.

Test matches

Test Cricket is played (Test Matches) in games, which are always to five days duration, formerly often applied with a rest day in between today. In the past, there were games without time limit. So did the so-called " timeless Test" in 1939 between South Africa and England a total of nine days and then had to be canceled as a draw ( draws).

Test matches are always first-class matches. It therefore played two innings per team without over limit. Every game day divided into three two-hour game sections (English sessions ) that are interrupted by 20 minutes duration of a lunch break ( lunch ) of 40 minutes and a tea break ( tea ).

Although they correspond to the modern television habits in any way, the tests in both the television and the radio are broadcast live. The radio broadcasts of the BBC, sent under the name Test Match Special have cult status among cricket fans also because of their special format.


Tests are in turn usually embedded in a series of two to six games, so that the corresponding duels can last for a longer period. Usually, one team for several weeks or months visiting another country. In addition to testing there are several one-day internationals ( One Day Internationals ) and other first-class matches played since 2005, Twenty20 Internationals.

The most important Test Match Series, the so-called Ashes, in which play an urn -shaped Cup 1882 England and Australia apply. Today, this series takes place twice in four years.

In the past, the series were organized in coordination between the participating national associations and asked the umpires from the home association. In order to allow the weaker teams Tests against the large and financially attractive associations, the organization is carried out today by the International Cricket Council. This results in a kind of world rankings (Test Championship ), continuously calculates all matches in and the order of nations is given. For this list, each association has to play in a period of six years against all the other associations.

Tournaments between three teams have only rarely so far taken place.

Currently, there are plans by the ICC to let the top four Test nations compete in a World Cup test against each other. This should replace the planned in 2013 to host the ICC Champions Trophy in England. However, after no agreement was made with the media partners of the ICC, the Erstaustragung has been postponed to 2017.