• TBE
  • Muthmanns liquid

Yellowish liquid with a sweet, pungent odor


2.97 g · cm -3

-1 ° C

135 ° C.

8 Pa ( 20 ° C)

Sparingly soluble in water: 0.63 g · l-1 (at 20 ° C)

1.6353 (20 ° C)


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1,1,2,2- tetra- bromoethane, often the abbreviation TBE is used, is a brominated hydrocarbon. It is formed in the bromination of acetylene with bromine. Freshly distilled, it is a colorless liquid, which assumes a reddish- brown color over time due to decomposition reactions in the daylight. 1,1,2,2- tetra- bromoethane has an unpleasant sweetish, pungent and very strong smell.

1,1,2,2- tetrabromoethane is a heavy liquid which is used in the mineralogy for separating and determining the density of heavy minerals. There, the liquid is also known under the name Muthmanns liquid ( after Wilhelm Muthmann, 1899). Because of the high toxicity of 1,1,2,2 - tetra- bromoethane should no longer be used, however, since there are now considerably less hazardous heavy liquids. TBE is a potent kidney and liver toxin.