Teublitz is a city in the Upper Palatinate district Schwandorf.

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Geographical Location

Teublitz is centrally located in the central Upper Palatinate in the city triangle Teublitz, Burglengenfeld and Maxhütte- Haidhof. There are 29 km to the capital of Upper Palatinate, Regensburg, and 14 km to the large district town Schwandorf. The town is located on the eastern shore of the Naab, as well as the districts " Salt Village on the River Naab " and " Katzdorf ". On the western shore of the Naab are the districts Premberg and Münchshofen, after the Munich Hofener mountain is named. With about 530 meters, it was the highest mountain in the district Burglengenfeld, which was dissolved in the course of municipal reform in 1972.


The municipality has 17 Teublitz officially named districts:

  • Bömmerlschlag
  • Frauenhof
  • Frog paints
  • Glassworks
  • Katzdorf
  • Koblitz
  • Kremplschlag
  • Kuntsdorf
  • Loisnitz
  • Münchshofen
  • Oberhof
  • Premberg
  • Richthof
  • Salt Village on the River Naab
  • Stocka
  • Teublitz
  • Weiherdorf


The Teublitzer district Premberg on the River Naab was in the Carolingian period a Hauptgrenzort against the Slavs. The limiting regulation of Charlemagne of 805 marks the boundary by mentioning the points at which the wholesale and export is concentrated and monitored, and the bypass of any dealer or may be bypassed; calls in the immediate order " Erpesfurt " (Erfurt ), " Halastat " ( Hall near Bamberg ), " Foracheim " ( Forchheim ), " Breemberga ", " Ragenisburg " (Regensburg), " Lauriacum " ( Lorch ). In Foracheim, Breemberga and Ragensburgis the " missus " to watch ( Königsbote ) Count Audulf across the border and export. The city was first mentioned in 1230, in a directory that Otto II had customize to gain an overview of all the income from his estates and possessions. Most of the place-name of Teublitz is considered due to the suffix- itz as Slavic name and from " dupelice " ( = Old Slavonic dupina, cave ) derived. This suggests that the settlement had already existed at the time of first mention some time. Teublitz was in 1505 part of the Landshut War of Succession by the newly created Duchy of Pfalz- Neuburg.

The Teublitz palace in the center of the town was built before 1780. In City Park is a ruined 13th century, the original seat of noble families. From the times of the Thirty Years' War comes the so-called Sweden Schanze, a square earthen wall, which was originally armed with wooden palisades and served as protection and collection point for the village.

Among the Hofmarksherren Castle Teublitz were with Adam of Herberstorff, District Marshal of the Duchy of Neuburg, as Bavarian governor in Upper Austria initiator of Frankenburg game of dice, and the Minister of the Royal House and of Foreign Affairs in Bavaria, Friedrich August Freiherr von Gise, important personalities. On August 25, 1939 Teublitz was raised to the market, the city survey was conducted in July 1953.


On April 1, 1971, the formerly independent communities Katzdorf and Münchshofen were incorporated. On January 1, 1978, added Premberg. On 1 May of the same year Saltendorf followed at the Naab.

Economy and infrastructure

In Teublitz is a branch of Läpple AG, processed into body parts at the site Teublitz with about 800 employees sheet. Similarly, several medium-sized businesses as well as the volunteer fire department and the building yard of the city in the industrial park.

For this purpose, a new industrial area in Samsbacher forest at the Kreisstr. SAD 1, the feeder road, in planning.


Teublitz is located on the main road 15 that leads north to south direction Schwandorf and Regensburg. The city also has a motorway junction on the A93, direction, courtyard and south on the A9 to Munich and Regensburg leads north. Teublitz lies on the railway line Haidhof - Burglengenfeld, but which is used only for freight. Also Teublitz crossroads of county roads, the SAD1 to Federal Highway 93 and on to Nittenau that. SAD5 north to Schwandorf and south to Maxhütte- Haidhof The plan is to bypass. Teublitz is connected to the line 41 of the Regensburger Transport Association ( RVV ) to the neighboring cities Burglengenfeld and Maxhütte- Haidhof. In addition, the city operates a locus traffic.

Public institutions

In Teublitz are an elementary and a middle school, a sports hall, 2 outdoor pools, 2 kindergartens, three surgeries, three dental surgeries, 2 pharmacies, market center, various shops and markets available. A school, a secondary school, a hospital and a year-round pool is found in the neighboring town of Burglengenfeld.


City ​​council

The City Council of the CSU Teublitz eleven seats, the SPD parliamentary group on eight and the Independent voters has from 1 May 2014, a seat

Be the first mayor officiates Maria Steger from the CSU, which was elected in 2008 for the first time, from May 1, 2014 in its second term.


The city Teublitz together with the city Burglengenfeld and the city Maxhütte- Haidhof the middle center city triangle.


  • Baborow in Poland
  • Blovice in the Czech Republic

Coat of arms

Blazon: Azure, a three- mountain, on whose summit a medium golden winning silver swan neck with black beak floats; on the two side peaks ever a golden ear of corn. Coat of arms since 1939.

Culture and sights

  • List of monuments in Teublitz


  • Anton Beer (1927-2010), priest and honorary citizen of Pils Ting was born in Münchshofen.
  • Gert- Johannes Hagemann (born 1958 ), Brigadier General of the Bundeswehr