Texas Giant

Dinn Corporation


Rocky Mountain Construction

April 22, 2011

Texas Giant at the amusement park Six Flags Over Texas ( Arlington, Texas ) is a roller coaster manufacturer Dinn Corporation, which was opened on 17 March 1990. It was designed by Curtis D. Summers. At the time of its opening, it was the tallest wooden roller coaster in the world. On November 1, 2009, it was closed and rebuilt by the new company Rocky Mountain Construction as first roller coaster. The tracks, which were originally made ​​of wood, were replaced by those made of steel. This was from a wooden roller coaster to a hybrid steel coaster with wooden structure. Another change is the slope of the first exit, which was increased from 53 ° to 79 °. It was opened under the name New Texas Giant again on April 22, 2011.

The New Texas Giant has three trains from the manufacturer Gerstlauer Amusement Rides GmbH, each with six cars. In each car four people can (two rows of two people) take place. Passengers must be at least 1.22 m tall to ride allowed. As restraint system come head restraints and infinitely adjustable hydraulic T- lap bar used.


On July 19, 2013, came during the first big downhill to a fatal incident. According to eyewitness reports, a lap bar and a woman opened rushed out of the car into the depths.