Textile (markup language)

Textile is especially tailored to the needs of weblogs and other lightweight web content management systems. The descriptive language is applied primarily on human-readable ( "human " ) and to be easily understood by laymen. In contrast to HTML, and XML- based markup languages ​​(such as DocBook ) waived Textile deliberately angle brackets and realized formatting with line breaks and a few special characters. Another advantage is that compared to WYSIWYG editors, such as TinyMCE always valid XHTML source code is generated. The input from users are much more restrictive held since only a limited, tailored to the application language support is provided. This is a universal CSS design, the design and content elements maintained separately, in good stead.

Dean Allen implemented the first Textile translator in PHP and released it under the GNU General Public License ( GPL). However, the current (April 2007) with Textpattern available Textile translator class contains only the 3-clause BSD license in the file header.