Teikowo (Russian Тейково, scientific transliteration Tejkovo ) is a Russian city in the Ivanovo Oblast, Central Russia. It is the administrative seat of Rajons Teikowo and has 34 976 inhabitants (as of October 14, 2010 ).

Geographical Location

The city is located in a wooded area in the Oka River basin at Wjasma, 35 kilometers southwest of the regional center of Ivanovo. Nearest city is Komsomolsk with almost 30 kilometers.


Archaeological finds in the area of ​​the nearby Sachtysch Lake, that the area around Teikowo been inhabited since the 6th to 4th millennium BC. Within today's Prophet Elias church remains of a pagan sanctuary of Slavic god of thunder, Perun from the 1st century BC were discovered.

Today's settlement is first mentioned in the late 17th century in connection with the peasant revolts in the time of Smuta. Her name is possibly Finno- Ugric origin and derives therefore from Teika ( = " built out of wood settlement " ) from; other hand, the Old Slavic name Agenteja is accepted as a basic word.

In the 17th and 18th centuries Teikowo became a successful Kirchdorf with market law (before today, Thursday and Sunday official market days) and finally surpassed even its biggest competitor Suzdal, the middle of the 18th century had already long been in decline. Founded in 1787 Ivan Petrovich Karetnikow the first cotton factory, which created the basis for a well-known throughout the Russian Empire, printing and textile industry. It was not until 1918 Teikowo received city rights and was applied simultaneously to the rank of a district town. In 1929 it was spun off from the government of Vladimir and slammed the newly founded Ivanovo.


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Economy and Transport

To date, textile and clothing industries are the dominant economic activities; in addition, there are farms for mechanical engineering and food production ( bakery ). Teikowo is located on the railway line Alexandrov Ivanovo.

Culture and recreation

The city has two culture palaces, four public libraries, two sports facilities, a swimming pool as well as numerous green spaces.


Teikowo lies within the so -called Golden ring. In addition to a number of historic merchants and merchants' houses in the city center - including the former Karetnikow House ( Усадьба Каретниковых, late 18th century) - the Prophet Elias Church ( Ильинская церковь end of the 17th century) as well as the neighboring church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker ( Никольская церковь ), built in the last third of the 18th century and 1833, from 1862 to 1864 and 1892 to 1895, restored and expanded, was of importance. Both churches were originally involved in the ensemble of the upstream main city square; This relationship, however, was disturbed in the 1950s by the construction of a residential block ( instead of aborted Trinity Church ) on the square edge sensitive.