Thaba 'Nchu


Thaba Nchu [t ʰ ɑbɑntʃu ] ( Setswana, dt: " Black Mountain "; occasionally Thaba ' Nchu ) is a city in the South African province of the Free State. It is located in the metropolitan municipality of Mangaung.


Thaba Nchu in 2011 had 70 118 inhabitants. The town is located about 60 kilometers east of Bloemfontein on the N8 national road that leads to Maseru in Lesotho. The population consists mainly of Basotho and Batswana.

Thaba Nchu is located in the usually quite flat, treeless South African Highveld. However, the area has some mountains on, especially southeast of the city the eponymous Thaba Nchu, which is 2139 meters above sea level. North of the city center lies the densely populated district Selosesha. A few kilometers west of Thaba Nchu is Botshabelo, to Soweto once the second largest township in South Africa.


The first settlement on the site of the present Thaba Nchu was founded in 1833 by Moroka II, a chief of the Setswana -speaking Barolong. His tribe had been driven by the Zulu king Mzilikazi by his settlement area across the Vaal. The Barolong had friendly relations with the Voortrekkers who were able to use the site in the war against Mzilikazi. The Basotho under Moshoeshoe I saw the Barolong as a tribute. The place remained until 1886, respected by the Boer settlement area of ​​the Barolong within the Orange Free State. He received an insularity, after the Boers had conquered in war Seqiti the western regions of the dominion Moshoeshoes. 1873 the site was officially recognized.

By the Natives Land Act 1913 adopted Thaba Nchu was forced to live in the home of another region Batswana. With 1977 declared independence of Bophuthatswana Thaba Nchu was during apartheid with its surroundings an administrative district in the Homeland, which had been set up for the Batswana in South Africa. The area around Thaba Nchu was the farthest location from the capital Mmabatho area. Thaba Nchu became an important trading center and was of hotels and casinos, which were banned in South Africa outside the homelands.

Thaba Nchu By 2011, belonged to the district Motheo.


Thaba Nchu is ruled by Chief Albert Moroka, who also works as a traditional judge. At the same time, there are Thaba Nchu in a court of justice, in which the laws of South Africa to be applied. As part of the municipality of Mangaung Thaba Nchu the local government is subordinate.

Economy and Transport

Haupterwerbsweige are the leisure tourism, trade and agriculture, which is operated in the very fertile environment. Thaba Nchu is located near the National Road N8. The railway line Bloemfontein - Bethlehem Thaba Nchu performs, but is scheduled only operated in freight traffic. Thaba Nchu has an airfield with IATA code TCU.


  • At the foot of Thaba Nchu the game reserve Maria Moroka Game Reserve lies.


  • James Sebe Moroka (1891-1985), politician of the African National Congress, Thaba Nchu born in