The Thamud (Arabic ثمود Thamud Thamud DMG ) are an Arab people, the twenty-six times is mentioned in the Koran; mostly in connection with the people of Ad, often in a series with references to the people of Lut. They form a series of peoples who did not listen to the warnings of the Messenger of God. There is evidence that these people could have come from southern Arabia, but moved a lot of it in the north and settled on the slopes of the mountain ASLAB.

The Thamud, are said to have lived between Hijaz and Damascus were, also known as the Ashab al - Hijr أصحاب الحجر / Ashab al - ḥiǧr /, the people of al - Hijr ': see Sura 15, Verse 80 In archaeological research were found several rock carvings and inscriptions of Thamud in the central Arabia.

In reports of the Assyrians they are mentioned as Tamudi, as in a Greek temple inscription from the northwestern Hijaz of 169 AD, in a Byzantine source of the 5th century, in many inscriptions around Tayma and possibly on a sheet of Ebla. From these sources, the habitat on the landscape between Mecca and Tayma can be limited.

You will be assigned to the Thamudic font. This seems to have originated from a South Arabian script and served the record of thamudischen language that was probably a dialect of the North Arabic. Other today also displaced by the high Arab dialects were the Safaitische, Dedanitische with the later version of the Lihyanischen and Hasaitische of Al- Hasa.