That Touch of Mink

  • Doris Day: Cathy Timberlake
  • Cary Grant: Philip Shayne
  • Gig Young: Roger
  • Audrey Meadows: Connie Emerson
  • Alan Hewitt: Dr. Gruber
  • John Astin: Everett Beasley
  • Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle
  • Jack Livesey: Doctor Richardson

That Touch of Mink is an American comedy film directed by Delbert Mann from 1962, with the main actors Doris Day and Cary Grant.


Cathy Timberlake is currently on the way to a job interview to prepare their unemployment finally over, as the Rolls- Royce of the rich and self-centered businessman Philip Shayne driving through a puddle, she splashed with dirty water and ruined her coat.

She goes to a vending machine restaurant to complain to her friend and living partner Connie, who works there. The bully, the next cycle simply, is a wealthy, handsome bachelor who offers Cathy as compensation for a job as a secretary. It accepts the proposal to accompany him on his next business trip ... But that ends in a fiasco.

No sooner landed in Bermuda, Cathy is haunted by delusions that every guest and every local sees that she and Philip Shayne are not married. Before so much excitement Cathy gets a facial rash. The doctor who was called diagnosed the rash as something that actually happens only newlyweds.

The next day they fly back home, both pretty entered, mainly Roger, the financial advisor to Shayne, like that was a long time working with Philip in a love-hate relationship and the purest of nerves. But Cathy is at none other than Philip to think anymore and flies unceremoniously back to Bermuda, where she calls Philip, so that he comes to get it to try again.

Cathy is so nervous that she drinks a whole bottle of whiskey, and when Philip arrives completely drunk from the balcony falls. This journey is thus in the pants. Roger is very glee back to his psychiatrist, Dr. Gruber, but told him stupidly the whole story in the first person form, from the perspective of Cathy. So thinks the psychiatrist, Roger was a homosexual.

At home with her friend Connie, decides which to send Cathy home to Upper Sandusky to her family, to relax. But Cathy refuses, and stares days gloomily to himself. As she gets a job offer in a bank, but when she learns that her Philip Shayne had worried that work, it depends there on an incredible chaos and runs away.

Philip, who has long been in love unconsciously Cathy, Roger sends to her home. Roger is indeed received, but beaten by Conny and the housekeeper with a broom, vases and a dog. He tried his luck a second time and is successful after the Enlightenment because of the confusion with Philip. Together they hatch a plan for how they can outwit Philip.

Cathy goes with Beasley, a heinous type from the federal employment office, who has long had an eye on them, in the hope that Philip will their descendants. She goes at every gas station on the toilet, only to stall for time. Meanwhile, Roger goes back to Philip, who was bubbling just in the sauna, and told him, goes where and with whom Cathy. Since runs Philip, dressed only in a towel, to the nearest taxi and follows her.

In the motel first he disturbs, then Roger accidentally the wrong couple, as he finds Cathy and not yield again.

The Honeymoon leads once again to Bermuda. Philip gets but, now married, nervousness same rash as it Cathy had also unmarried. Go A year later, Cathy and Philip Shayne walking her baby and Roger, as Dr. Gruber reappears after a long recovery stay, and when he sees the secretary with the baby, he falls in terror back to his delusions.


"Go to" pillow talk "and" A Lover Come " the third variation of a recipe for success with Doris Day: a cheerful and comedic, with all coquetry always clean game with the frivolity. His actual joke relates the film from the bizarre exaggerated subplot that breaks the love story and caricatured most delicately. "

Guest appearance

A guest appearance had some players of the New York Yankees: Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Yogi Berra.

The scene at American Express contains product placement for Univac.