Thavung language

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Aheu ( alternative name: Aho, Kha Tong Luang, Thavung, Phon Soung, mostly in Thailand Sun) is a language that is spoken in Southeast Asia.


In the nineties, there were about 750 speakers of this language in Thailand, mainly in Amphoe Song Dao, Sakon Nakhon province and about 1,770 speakers in Laos on the banks of the river Theun, east and south of Lak Sao in the district Khamkeut, Khammuan Province, as well as in the province of Bolikhamsai. Overall, the number of speakers amounted to about 2,520.


Aheu has four different vocalizations, which are located between clear and strong ventilation. In addition, the language on the Glottalisation the final consonant.